Alexandra Darbyshire and Susan Kester are independent art teachers based in Gloucestershire offering workshops, courses, and one-to-one instruction to people of all ages and experience levels at local venues and at their own studios.

Alexandra Darbyshire

Painting Classes


Alexandra About page

Alexandra Darbyshire is an award winning graduate of OCAD University’s fine arts programme in Toronto, and she has exhibited her paintings across North America and Europe. Alexandra has taught painting to people of all ages and experience levels since 2001, and she does painting technique demonstrations for art groups. Her accomplished paintings reflect versatility in technique and subject matter, and she takes pride in sharing this depth of knowledge as an art instructor. In doing so, she inspires her students to explore and find the approach that best suits their own creativity, since no two people paint the same way.

Over the years she has noticed that a common side effect with budding painting students she’s taught-regardless of age or experience-is a feeling of uncertainty with their own skills, and that they have possibly bitten off more than they can chew. Her teaching ethos focuses on putting students at ease, and giving them the confidence to tackle the art making process by way of step-by-step demonstrations, and hands-on guidance.

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Susan Kester

Drawing and mixed media classes


Susan About

Susan Kester
Drawing & Mixed Media

Having graduated in Fine Art from Goldsmiths’ University in the 1980s Susan has recently completed an MA in Drawing for Fine Art Practice from Oxford Brookes University.

Working mainly on paper using a variety of drawing materials she has come to value this simple, direct way to make images. Daily walks with her dog through the fields and woods in the vicinity of the studio in Quarhouse provide inspiration and when the weather is not so good the many objects and images collected over the years provide source material for work.

Susan is looking forward to continuing her freelance teaching commitments through the development of courses and workshops in the Five Valley’s area, including Victoria Works in Chalford.

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View Susan’s’s upcoming drawing workshops HERE