With Alexandra Darbyshire
Tuesday April 17 – May 22nd, 1-4 pm
Pegasus Art, Stroud

This six week course is suited to individuals who have never painted before before, or have some experience, and are ready to expand their skills and confidence with acrylics. The versatility of acrylics allows participants to create fast drying artworks with water based paint, making it an ideal practice for adapting in a limited workspace of one’s own at home (such as a kitchen), with simple cleanup and no paint thinners or fumes.  Alexandra will introduce the painterly “wet-in-wet” technique commonly found in acrylic and oil painting, which involves spreading wet paint colours together on the canvas to create new colours together instead of pre-mixing every colour on a palette beforehand. Colour mixing, paint handling, helpful tips, and composition are covered.  Weekly exercises consist of simplified subject matter, so that students don’t get overwhelmed with too many elements. Participants will be allowed to bring their own self-led projects and source material for the latter half of this course if desired. There will be a break on Tuesday February 13th for the school half term break.

Eight weeks £96

To sign up or for more information
contact me: alexandradarbyshire@gmail.com
M: 07772706285
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