One-to-one painting instruction with Alexandra Darbyshire

There are situations when you want more personalized guidance than a painting class or workshop can accommodate, especially when it comes to being coached on specific techniques, and working on your own projects. Alexandra gives one-to-one painting instruction in her studio in Stroud to people of all ages and skill levels. This undivided attention and consideration for a person’s unique set of needs helps to advance skills at a fast pace, building up overall confidence in paint handling. Alexandra can teach you with acrylics, oils, watercolour, or goache, depending on your favoured medium.

Painting lessons for small groups

Groups of two to four people can be given a
bespoke painting lesson at Darbyshire’s studio, which can last anywhere between 2 hours, or spread out over a couple of days’ work, suited to the group’s requests. All one-to-one and group instruction at can include art supplies and use of Alexandra’s painting tools with an additional palette fee, devised to fulfil the requirements of your lessons. Individuals can also choose to bring their own art supplies and tools.

Painting Demonstrations for art groups

Alexandra's teaching approach is ideal for instructional painting demonstrations which can be presented to art groups of any size. Demystifying acrylic techniques and use of acrylic mediums are her specialty, and so glazing and impasto demos have proven to be popular for groups she has worked with in the past.

Get in touch

Email or call Alexandra to talk over the painting instruction you have in mind, and she can customise a plan and initial quote for you:
Mobile: 07772706285


“My knowledge base has grown unbelievably, and I have no hesitation in recommending Alexandra as a teacher. It is terrific to find a person who is so ready to share knowledge gained through many years of trial and error and experience, allowing one to go away and paint, putting her information into practice. Alexandra is very “hands on” in demonstrating the different techniques, and allows time to practice.“ - Frances Roden

“I felt a slight shiver of anxiety when I discovered others in the class had painted before, but Alexandra has a great way of taking the ‘performance pressure’ off the action of painting. As we were learning a new technique in every class, she encouraged us to approach our work as ‘a test strip’ rather than aiming to end up with something good enough to hang on the wall. This freed me up and allowed me to make a couple of paintings I am still (quietly) rather pleased with! The demonstrations really made the difference for me. Thank you Alexandra for an amazing course - I will definitely sign up again!” - Hege Usborne